Somewhere down the road of my life a friend of mine and I developed this way of saying the word barbeque that was completely ridiculous.  It sounded more like bar-beee-cue than barbecue.  Whenever the subject of barbecuing came up we would laugh and slaughter the sound of this word with our exaggerated pronunciation.  It was one of those inside jokes that make no sense to anyone other than the people who made it up. Since that joke developed I have come to learn that in some parts of the world barbecue is no […]

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All Dogs Go to Heaven

I swore I would never get another pet after I had to have my cat put down.  I cried for several days and kept apologizing for my tears.  I would say, “She was just a cat”, because I felt embarrassed.  Most animal lovers were very sympathetic but others weren’t as understanding.  Then I had kids and my boys started talking about a dog. My youngest son Chase didn’t have much to say at that point in his life but one thing you could get him to talk about was a dog.  As a result it didn’t take […]

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Penny Rich

Saturday July 11th was my 3 year penny anniversary and it was a banner day! It seemed that everywhere I went I found a penny.  I’d started the day with the hope that I would at least find two so that I would hit the 10,000 mark but the change just kept coming.  By the end of the day the total count was 10,136.  That’s a lot more than a penny a day that’s almost nine cents a day and every one of those pennies bares the same message, “In God we trust.” I […]

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