All Dogs Go to Heaven

I swore I would never get another pet after I had to have my cat put down.  I cried for several days and kept apologizing for my tears.  I would say, “She was just a cat”, because I felt embarrassed.  Most animal lovers were very sympathetic but others weren’t as understanding.  Then I had kids and my boys started talking about a dog. My youngest son Chase didn’t have much to say at that point in his life but one thing you could get him to talk about was a dog.  As a result it didn’t take […]

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Penny Rich

Saturday July 11th was my 3 year penny anniversary and it was a banner day! It seemed that everywhere I went I found a penny.  I’d started the day with the hope that I would at least find two so that I would hit the 10,000 mark but the change just kept coming.  By the end of the day the total count was 10,136.  That’s a lot more than a penny a day that’s almost nine cents a day and every one of those pennies bares the same message, “In God we trust.” I […]

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