10-11-12 —A once in a lifetime birthday for me! Ten is my favorite number because I associate it with God’s perfect order and the way He completes things.  Eleven is my lucky number because so many good things have happened in my life on the 11th.  Twelve speaks to me of God’s elective purposes—the way nothing can thwart His plans for me.

All great thoughts for me today especially when I hadn’t noticed how the numbers would roll out this year until I turned the page on my calendar. Then I found twelve cents Tuesday, eleven Wednesday, and ten today. That really got my attention.  I liked the way God brought it to me backwards.

Nothing can thwart my plans Kären, it’s not luck it’s me.  I always complete what I start.  This was the message I took from my finds and it hit the mark for sure.  The Holy Spirit was reminding me of something I know to be true.  No matter what the circumstances in my life God’s great purpose for it can’t be undone.  This certainty is where I found the great joy I woke up with this morning.

Even better is that today’s first thought was the same thing it’s been most days this year.  As I step into my slippers it’s a thought that feels as warm and friendly as they do.  It’s like a full body sheepskin hug.  The words aren’t the same everyday but they always reflect the same sentiment.  God is good.  I’m okay.

This is the only way I know to describe peace for myself.  It’s the assurance that no matter what the day might bring when I step out of my slippers at the end of it, I can rest easy.  The Lord’s mercies will meet me again in the morning.  I can wake up confident in Him.  He’ll get me where He wants me to go even if I take a wrong turn.

How did this happen?  When did some of the fears that have ruled my life off and on for the last five years fade away?  Nothing earth shattering has happened.  None of the daily challenges I face with my kids or my health have gone away.    The dog is as high maintenance as ever.  My family and I can still get crosswise with each other.  Everyday isn’t perfect and life fatigue is as real for me as anyone else.  What’s up?  Why on 10-11-12 do I feel so content?

It’s a combination of things that comes down to flying pigs, pygmy marmosets, whiffle ball and brownies.  In other words time spent with little kids and really big kids.  My own kids are included in that as well as my sweetie, who’s a kid at heart, but other kids have had a profound impact too.

On the little kid side my nephew has completely stolen my heart.  He is as sweet on the inside as his chubby cheeks make you think he is.  It’s taken him some time to warm-up to me but I think now we’re friends for life.  We fly pig’s together, search for Lowly worm, and build train layouts using Luke and Chase’s wooden tracks.  When I feel the slightest bit weary all I have to do is picture his face and ask myself, “Have you ever seen a pygmy marmoset?”—the question he’s famous for asking me while we were doing yoga together.  I can’t stop smiling with that memory.

The brownies and whiffle ball are teen things.  Brownies for all the tennis players Luke’s brought into my life through high school.  What started as a reward for undefeated dual matches has become a full blown way to minister a group of boys that would never want to admit they actually need an encouraging word.  To be another mother to them is worth all the baking time.  Whiffle ball at church with all the teens serves the same purpose.   Not my favorite sport but totally worth ruining a good pedicure.

These have been the gifts God has given me this year—smiles from kids besides my own and the daily reminder that life with a childlike faith is the best way to live.  Ask fewer questions and accept your days as they come to you.  You’ll be the better for it.

The kids don’t know that’s the message they keep sending me, even though it’s so obvious.  None of their lives are perfect but because they’re so young and un-jaded it’s still what I see.

It’s a timely message for me that has sunk into my subconscious like water would in a sponge.   Where I set out to inspire their faith the tables have been turned and I think that’s been God’s purpose all year.  As fifty approaches He wanted to take me back to the faith I had as a kid when I really believed my wishes would come true after I blew out the candles on my cake.

This year that will be 48 candles.  Ten, eleven, and twelve however only add up to 33 and in Psalm 33 verse 11 I’m reminded that “the plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations.”

This is a promise all the kids from little to big remind me I can believe.  I hope you can too because you’re never too old for a childlike faith.  Pygmy marmosets live and pigs could someday fly!



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