A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the red chair I love sitting in. It’s the one that’s in the coffee shop located 50 steps from my house.

Just to recap for 12 seconds, I wrote about seeing a nickel and two pennies and not picking it up and how the next time I sat in the red chair, it was gone. It made me start thinking that the chance for change might be a fickle one: Here one day, gone the next. And I still think that, but perhaps it’s bigger than that too.

A couple of days later, I returned to the red chair to do some work. For whatever reason, I pulled the left side of the red chair’s cushion towards me just to check if there happened to be anything there. It was better than I could have imagined.

Even better than a nickel and two pennies is a dime. And I found it.

And to top it off, there was even a $1 Mexican Peso!

Now I’m finding international currency PLUS the dime.

I took the money. Karen will finally be proud.

*            *            *

I dated a girl when I was 21. I thought she was the one. I honestly imagined we could grow old together or something. Sometimes when you’re 21, you can be really naïve about what “the one” means. One day she told me I loved her more than she loved me and she broke up with me.

I was devastated.

But now I’ve been married to Teri for almost 7 years and wouldn’t trade that for the world. What I thought was something really special when I was 21 was actually just a small scene in a much bigger and more compelling story of being married to Teri.Brad & Teri

*            *            *

I suppose the dime and peso in the chair is reminding me that my story isn’t over yet. Perhaps it means some opportunities will vanish. Some change I will ignore. Some chances will go unnoticed. There will definitely be times where I just fail in work or relationships or climbing projects.

And yet there will be another chance. There will be more change that falls between the seats. Change I will see and grab up like it was mine from the beginning of time, as though I was always intended to have that dime and peso. And I imagine when I/we do that something beautiful starts to happen.

By Bradley Mark Edwards

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I have been so busy raising two teens that I have missed a couple of good business opportunities! I would love to think that more opportunities will arise! Until then, I made the best investment of my time that I possibly could! Thanks again!

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