Two stories and two thoughts…

 I was walking out of the grocery store the other day and saw a dime on the ground. Now normally, a dime would be totally worth picking up but for whatever reason I didn’t. I kept walking, put my groceries in the car and drove away. As far as I know, that dime is still there. Kären would be ashamed if she knew this.

 A few days later, I was walking through another grocery store with my wife Teri and saw paper money on the ground. Paper money! I walked over to it and it was a $5 bill! That’s 50 dimes! Needless to say I stopped what I was doing, bent over, picked it up and celebrated that God’s favor was shining down upon me. (I’m hoping the sarcasm is dripping here.) I can’t really remember, but I’m willing to bet that $5 went to a Chick-fil-A sandwich.

 After I picked up that $5 bill I realized something: Sometimes both little change and big change start exactly the same way. What I mean is that whether it was a dime or a $5 bill, all I had to do was bend down and grab the money lying on the floor. That’s all it took. Losing 2 pounds or 20 pounds both start with putting down the sweet tea and grabbing a glass of water instead. A new degree or a new job both start with a small application. A first date and a marriage proposal both begin with a short question.

This is encouraging to me because I am so apt to not engage if I think something will be too hard or too much effort. Next time, I’ll grab the dime too.

Bradley ClimbingWhich leads me to my second thought: We have to determine what change is worth the effort. If it’s not worth losing 2 pounds, I’ll never let go of the sweet tea. But if I realize diabetes runs in my family and getting rid of 10 pounds will help stave that off some, things become clearer for me. I’m more willing to grab water instead. We’re faced with these types of questions all the time and actually making decisions about them, sometimes without knowing.

I know I’ve had a lot of change as of late. Some happened to me so I had to adjust but in engaging the new change, there is new life.

-Bradley Mark Edwards






  1. I like this well written uplifting post. Keep them coming.

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