Karen’s insights into the messages the Lord gives her though the simple act of collecting pennies have changed my life! They’ve strengthened my sometimes tremulous spirtual steps. They’ve brought great comfort, wisdom, and direction. I am often amazed at her perspective on something, and wonder “why did I never think of that?” I’ve been a Christian a very long time, and yet I learn so much from this blog! Lord, keep those pennies coming!
D.A. Brockett, Author


Can’t Spare The Change offers a thoughtful, honest glimpse into Kären’s life and how she approaches the challenges thrown her direction. She deftly weaves her strong and resilient faith through her stories in an accessible and approachable way. I’ve been a fan since she launched the blog, and always look forward to reading her posts!
Genie Gratto, The Inadvertent Gardener


While Karen has had tremendous personal success in her career and in ministry, she’s not afraid to let her flaws and scars show, sharing poignant stories from the day-to-day rollercoaster ride of raising two teenage sons. Her blogs are candid, humorous and heartfelt. She’s always integrating “aha” moments, finding deeper symbolism from her penny finds and stumbling over rich spiritual insights. As a mom, wife, career person and ministry leader, I find Karen’s blogs inspiring, thought-provoking and relatable. I always leave glad that I came to visit her home for awhile.Tamra Mariott, Non-profit Director


It’s clear, I will never look at pennies the same.

Karen’s Can’t Spare the Change ‘blog’ – its a wonderful series of short essays that re-set my spiritual compass bearing – many times reading them allows me to forgive my own shortcomings and regain my faith.
Virginia “G” Winter, CEO, Equinox Consulting


dan fox finalKären is a talented and thoughtful writer. Her blog is provocative and insightful. Although Kären’s personal faith is defined, her wisdom and spirituality crosses all denominations. As someone raised in the Jewish faith, I find her stories and inspirations to be very relatable to my own life. 

Dan Fox, Linguine Pictures


When I see Karen’s posts it reminds me of her warm smile and caring demeanor. Living in China I don’t have the chance to hear Karen’s words in person so I’m thankful I can check in to “Can’t Spare the Change” for some great Christian inspiration! Funny antidotes, meaningful scriptures, stories of facing challenges head-on, etc. are all part of what makes her blogs so enjoyable to read. No matter what message Karen is writing about, the underlying meaning remains constant: Believe in yourself, believe in God, stay healthy, love family and friends, and enjoy every single day! Thanks Karen, keep those posts coming! –Ryan Leach, International Resort Manager