“You see it’s real. God is making himself real to you Karen. I wish I had that. It’s so cool.” 
“Did you tell him you were praying when you found the four pennies?” she asked. “Yes, and I told him how they just keep coming. What’d he say?” she wondered. “Well when I finished my story I apologized to him for taking the pennies because they must have been his. He stopped my rambling though and said I shouldn’t be sorry they weren’t. He would never leave four pennies on the sidewalk. He picks up pennies and saves them to show his kids how change adds up.” Laughing she said, “I love it that’s so cool. I know it was a nice validation because sometimes I think I’m just imagining this.”

Then, to both our amazement what do we spot a foot in front of us as I’m talking? You got it, a penny. We were both floored.

“You see it’s real. God is making himself real to you Karen. I wish I had that. It’s so cool” Kelly said, as I reached for the penny. “I know but sometimes I can’t make sense of it. I think maybe this whole experience isn’t real. I have so many questions.” Kelly shook her head and said, “Stop questioning it, you’ll just get in trouble with that. Take it – enjoy it” and with that thought I knew she was right.

You wouldn’t think my neighbor’s validation was necessary but it helped, because more often than I like to admit the left-side of my brain screams for a logical explanation. If the boat guy didn’t leave the pennies then perhaps his kids did. He insists that didn’t happen so because I don’t believe they can fall out of the sky I can come up with a whole list of other tangible explanations. This Kelly reminded me is where I get in trouble. The same kind of trouble that landed me in one doctor’s office after another the same year the first pennies were found.